1KG Girls Discus - ARETE THROWS Elite Pack


$167.00 $185.00
SKU: 4T1keltpk
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Purple Disc ($48.99) + Red Discus ($49.99) + Orange Hyper Discus ($76.99) +Discus Bag ($12.99) = $185 Value for only $167!

Purple Discus 80% Rim Weighthttps://4throws.com/collections/discus/products/1kg-80-rim-weight-backordered

Red Discus 85% Rim Weight: https://4throws.com/collections/discus/products/copy-of-1-6kg-rim-weight-75

Orange Hyper Discus 91% Rim Weight: https://4throws.com/collections/discus/products/1-6kg-rim-weight-91-hyperspin

Discus Bag: https://4throws.com/products/discus-bag

If you want a rubber discus instead of the discus bag just leave a note when you check out and we will swap the discus bag for a rubber discus. 



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