Welcome Idahoans to the world of JAVELIN. 

Idaho is introducing javelin to the 2024 track and field season. 

They will be throwing RUBBER TIP javelins. 

Girls throw 600g and Boys throw 800g. 

We are offering a large discount on javelins to make them more available and affordable for all Idaho schools, and coaches. We are selling TRAINING packs and COMPETITION packs. 

The pack includes 2x 600g javelins and 2x 800g  javelins. The packs include free shipping!!!

 We will be holding drop-offs in N. Idaho and S. Idaho for coaches to pick up their javelins. The drop-off will be sometime in late February or early March.

For any questions please call (509) 290-6543

Links to the Packs:

 Click here: 4Throws Training Pack- $499- Free Shipping

 Click here: 4Throws Competition Pack- $699- Free shipping



For most beginner and intermediate throwers we recommend our

Girls 600g Javelin 

Boys 800g Javelin


For a less expensive option we recommend our 4THROWS TRAINING JAVELINS

Girls Trainer

Boys Trainer 





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