Polanik COMPETITION Steel Shot Puts


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Polanik Competition Steel Shot Put: 

Elevate your shot put performance with the Polanik Competition Steel Shot Put – a testament to precision, durability, and unmatched quality. Crafted from robust steel and meticulously designed for excellence, this IAAF certified shot put is a favorite among European throwers.

Key Features:

  • Steel Construction with Lead Filling: The Polanik Competition Steel Shot Put combines the strength of steel with a lead filling, delivering exceptional durability and optimal weight distribution for superior throws.

  • Tailored Diameter Options: Different diameters within specific weight classes allow throwers to choose shot puts that align with their preferences, ensuring a personalized fit that enhances control and precision.

  • Turned Surface for Enhanced Grip: The turned surface of the shot put provides an enhanced grip, allowing throwers to maintain control and execute throws with confidence and finesse.

  • Calibration Screw for Accuracy: Each shot put is equipped with a calibration screw, ensuring precise weight and adherence to IAAF competition standards. The Polanik commitment to accuracy sets this implement apart.

  • Built to Last: Constructed from tough steel, the Polanik Competition Shot Put is engineered for longevity, capable of withstanding rigorous training sessions and countless throws.

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