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We here at 4Throws are committed to providing reasonable and low shipping costs to our customers.

We use a combination of USPS, FED EX, and UPS to find you guys the best price we can!

JAVELINS -------

A javelin bought by itself is sometimes shipped in a Deluxe PVC tube and other times is shipped in a standard PVC tube, depending on availability. Customers only ever pay (in the shipping costs) for a standard tube. This means that we sometimes give away Deluxe tubes for FREE.  

If multiple javelins are purchased at once, we build one large 4in. or 5in in diameter tube to send them all as one shipment. If it saves our customers' money, we occasionally ship multiple javelins in thick cardboard tubing. This significantly reduces shipping costs for our customers and we are happy to be able to help. 

800 GRAM javelins are considered by UPS and FED EX to be oversized shipments which result in an additional $80 charge on top of whatever the javelin normally costs. Our competitors recently was charging $168 to ship a single 800 GRAM Javelin! We believe that it is wrong to charge this much for shipping, and we try our very best to have one of the best shipping prices in the industry.

SHOT PUTS ------

4Throws is also unique among Track and Field companies in that we are able to ship shot puts (and pretty much anything else that is heavy) for very cheap. 

We are able to ship 4 shot puts together (which is very heavy) for only around $21!!!