Brutus Discus Cage


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When wind is not your friend, choose the new Brutus Discus Cages from Gill Athletics. Made with a beefy super strong 4" aluminum pole, these cages will decrease the possibility of wind becoming a negative factor on your throwing cage. 6 pole, 7 pole, and rear door options are available for high school cages.


CAGE POLES Available in traditional 6 pole or 7 pole configuration. 7 pole design allows the net to extend straight forward from the sides to comply with the 34.92 degrees sector requirements while providing a less ?restrictive" feeling for throwers.All poles are 14' tall with a 4" outside diameter.


MAIN NETS High school discus cage nets are made of a nylon 6 material with a 180 lb break strength. All nets are UV stabilized to help increase their life span. Net height for all high school cages is 13'6".


BARRIER NETS Barrier nets are 8' tall and install on the outside of the net poles. This gives an additional layer of protection to athletes, fans, officials, and coaches from errant throws.

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