4Throws Deluxe Javelin Carrying Tube



Please note that if you buy a single javelin from 4Throws, it will come in a free Deluxe tube.

The reason why the 800g tube costs significantly more than the rest is because UPS and FEDEX charge a fee to ship anything longer than 96in (an 800g tube is 104in).  

The 4Throws Deluxe Carrying Tube has been manufactured from high grade (made in America) PVC material. There is a very slight give in the tube, meaning that it will not shatter or crack in cold climates. It has, however, been built to be strong and durable enough to protect the javelin from being damaged during shipment, personal storage, and carrying by the athlete. 

Please also note the Javelin Loading Port at the top of the tube, where the Javelin can be placed inside the tube. After placing the Javelin inside, simply crew on the cap and be on your way. We have also made the improvement of adding the retaining cord to the cap so that you or your athlete can not loose the cap.

The 4Throws Deluxe Javelin Tuber comes in lengths for 400G, 500G, 600G, 700G, and 800G. 

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